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 This is a love story, although sounding typical of online romance it differs in so many ways. Ours is special, exciting, filled with happiness and sorrow. This is "Our Story" of the long process of bring together two people so much alike, so very much in love, but worlds apart. 

 Our story begins one Sunday morning, in late August 98 I met Dawn, from the UK via an Internet, online messaging program called ICQ. Dawn had just installed it and was trying to become familiar with it. She happened to choose a random chat partner. And that is how it all began that Sunday morning. My life has never been the same. 

I decided to make the journey to meet her in November of 98. She meet me at Gatwick airport when I arrived. We rented a car and believe you me! That was an experience in its own right. I took to the driving quite well. Even though we had a few close calls in the beginning, my driving I am speaking of. I only drove on the wrong side just a few times... 

 We made our way to Swansea where we had reserved a very nice quaint cottage, at a lovely little farm. We spent a wonderful week together. Both of us were torn to pieces when the day came that I had to fly back to the USA.  She was so fun to talk with. She came to visit me in the states in late June. I returned with her to meet her family and daughter Kimberley. Had a wonderful time but it rained the entire two weeks of our trip. And I do mean rain.

 Dawn stayed behind for an additional two weeks to settle some business and flew back to Atlanta. We spent a wonder thanksgiving together. We ate and ate till we were miserable. Then shared the Christmas and the NEW YEARS " NEW MILLENNIUM". 

 It has been almost 2 yrs since that morning in late August. We began the Fiancé (K-1) visa process in late October 1999. Dawn has since returned to the UK where she awaits to hear from me with the best sound that we could ever hope for at the moment. "YOUR PETITION HAS BEEN APPROVED"

Well we now have received that Approval and are now in the process of attending the interview in London on Feb 16th 2000. Where we hope to obtain the K-1 visa and fly back to Tennessee. 

 More to come hopefully in the very near future.


Russ Long.
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